Mission & History

Mission & History

Formation Nord Sud was born due to lack of adequate training resources glaring heavy machinery in Quebec.

Formation Nord Sud has also served several Mirabel Quebec municipalities for training and evaluation of operators.

  • Formation Nord Sud is constantly evolving and improving the quality of the offered training.
  • The company has a team of employees proud to share their many years of experience in the field of construction and trucking. Formation Nord Sud facilities are multifunctional to suit your needs and your schedule.


Our mission

To provide quality service training that has proven itself and that will continue evolving in the current market conditions. Our primary concern is to focus our efforts towards our customers to become conscientious and more efficient operators. The goals set by each of our candidates are even more important.


Our history

At Formation Nord Sud., our instructors have several years of experience in the field of heavy machinery. Experts in their field, they effectively adjust to the learning time of each candidate .


Formation Nord Sud has a faithful business relationship based on mutual trust with its suppliers. This allows us to advance our projects in the best conditions.


Our goal

Transfer knowledge and expertise to candidates in order to enable them to master the gear in real work situations while taking into account the safety, quality and profitability that the industry requires.

The course plan is scalable, that is to say that from a training structure, we transform the weaknesses of the candidate to become his greatest strengths.

For example, our course plan is 16 hours for residential foundation, in the event that the candidate meets its objectives in 12 hours, we will maximize their knowledge and skills by directing it to another type of exercise.


Our target

Optimize the candidate's learning in less time so that he/she also optimizes his/her investment.

Formation Nord Sud's mission is to be honest and competent therefore, we inform our clients as well as we would like to be inform ourselves in their position. If our training does not apply to what your goals are we will immediately inform you. We will probably loose a client but we will gain a friend and a friend will recommend us to other people in their environments therefore, sooner or later we will regain a customer.

With us, everything is sharp and clear. We do not sell you a dream or some wind. You already have a dream, so there is not need ti try to sell it to you again.

You dream machines? You see it everywhere? We produce good operators. Call us if you fit the profile!

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