Hydraulic Excavator

Hydraulic Excavator


John Deere Excavator

This site engine is also known under the name of digger, hydraulic shovel or excavator. It constitutes a tracked chassis or tires topped with a turret with a continuous rotation of 360 degrees. This turret holds components such as the engine and other hydraulic units such as the pump, valve and cylinder, the cockpit and equipment like the boom, arm and bucket.

The hydraulic excavator on wheels can reach up to 127 tons while the tracks excavator can reach up to 980 tons. The popularity of this hydraulic machinery is due to their high power and their huge variety of mechanical components enabling it to use this power.

Here are some uses of the excavator.
The backhoe is use to work:

  • Landscaping (houses, buildings roads).
  • Extraction (loading of quarry materials).
  • Sanitation (Earthwork projects, excavation and preparation of the trench and pipe laying).
  • Completion and cleaning ditches and embankments.
  • Handling (loading boats, trucks mills or industrial crushers).
  • Maritime (port expansion, dredging).
  • +Special foundation (drilling slurry walls).
  • Special foundations (drilling, diaphragm walls).
  • Demolition and sorting tasks.

JD r4d014102 Excavator

Excavator Hitachi 160

  • 10 to 30 tons represents a medium excavator.
  • 30 to 100 tons represents an excavator for heavy mass.
  • 100 tons and more is known as a mining production excavator.


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