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Heavy equipment drivers operate on site engines used for roads, bridges, airports, construction, gas and oil pipelines, tunnels, buildings, exploitation of opencast mine and quarries. They also carry out some material handling. They work for construction companies, public service work, exploitation of pipelines, forestry, cargo-handling service as well as heavy equipment companies.

The heavy equipment drivers exercise a part of all of the following functions:

  • Operate heavy equipment such as: backhoe – bulldozer – loader – grader. To dig, move, load and level the earth, rocks, gravel and other materials when ever doing construction or other related work.
  • Operate a bulldozer or any other heavy equipment used to clear the undergrowth before doing the forestry development and the opencast mines.
  • Operate dredges to dig for water beds and extract material and then backfill.
  • Operate different heavy equipment to spread, lay and compact concrete, asphalt or other sheathing materials during the construction of roads or highways.
  • Operate shovel excavator to remove rocks, or other materials of an opencast mine run by an excavator of a quarry or a construction search.
  • Operate heavy equipment to move, load and unload ship cargoes.
  • Make the preliminary checks when using the machines. Clean, grease and fill the tanks.

 Habilités et intérêts :

  • Good eye site
  • Good shape
  • Good with your hands in order to efficiently manipulate the engine controls
  • Resourceful with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Sense of responsibility because you will be responsible for the good state of the vehicle as well as for the safety of your colleagues who will be working near the machine.
  • Capacities for team work because you will have to work in collaboration with other labour colleagues and technicians on the site.

Job Opportunities

Good employment opportunities for the coming years. With the arrival of many civil engineering projects, including the construction of roads and the extension of highways, employment prospects are excellent.

Lac MirabelThe prospects are great for drivers looking to work up north...

The labour needs should be quite high in the next few years as a result of the weak availabilities of driver, the aging of the workforce and the growing demand for well trained operators.

Heavy machinery operators.

Several heavy machinery jobs are available in non-construction environment and you will not need a special card in these situations. Take note, that the hours performed on a non-construction are only taken into account under certain conditions. A candidate without a diploma is eligible to obtain an apprentice competency card in a given trade only during job shortage which is occurs quite often during the year. Only the commission of the Quebec Construction is authorized to issue these cards and schools are able to give you the skills required.

See the following link: Candidate Without a Diploma

Schools can not sell you cards!


The mining industry in figures

  • Mines, smelters, refineries, drilling companies, exploration and research centres generate 52,000 direct and indirect jobs.
  • 80% of employment is in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Nord-du-Québec and Côte-Nord.
  • Mining report 250 million per year in Quebec, accounting for about 1.6% of gross internal productivity.
  • Thirty mines are currently operating in the province.
  • 35 mega projects are economically viable




We offer all courses separately from one and other, you will therefore only pay for the one of your choice.



You can choose one or more of these packages.

Individual packages

  • Hydraulic excavator: 80 hours
  • Backhoe: 80 hours
  • Loader: 40 hours
  • Bulldozer: 40 hours
  • Articulated mine trucks: 32 hours
  • Grader: 40 hours.

The advantages of our training:

  • Practical course on real and simulated projects.
  • Evolutionary plan of courses based on the knowledge and capacities of the learner.
  • Favourable salary (70 000 $ and over per year)
  • Ergonomic machines


Desired profile
New career orientation or anybody who has motivation with or without experience.

The learner’s validation of his knowledge and aptitudes.

Duration of the course
The duration or the course is fixed according to the machines, goals and evaluations of each student.

Theory and practical

Cost of the course
The cost for your training is 30 % less than other Training Centre, because we concentrate on giving training on the site and not in the infrastructure or the administrative team of the training Centre.

Placement assistance
Formation Nord Sud offers you a well targeted training and directs you to the labour market.

Please call us: 438-827-7050

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